Nebraska Launches Campaign To Promote Local Ag Companies To Foreign Lands

Nebraska is launching a new campaign to promote local agricultural companies to foreign countries, many of whom are the state’s biggest customers.

      Unveiled yesterday by Gov Pete Ricketts and state Ag Director Steve Wellman, “Nebraska Straight from the Good Life” will be managed by Wellman’s department. 30 businesses based in Nebraska or with a significant presence in the state have already signed-up.

        Ricketts says the department frequently receives requests from international and domestic purchasers looking for specific products. Straight From The Good Life will include a catalog and website highlighting individual companies, who will participate for free.

      Ag exports are already big business in Nebraska, topping $6.8 billion dollars in 2018 according to the USDA, but Ricketts says the new program gives the state more ways to effectively market and promote Nebraska agricultural and food companies to consumers worldwide.

      Wellman says part of the drive behind the program has been the coronavirus pandemic, which has limited the ability of state and industry leaders to travel to meet with international customers and trade officials.

       He calls Straight From the Good Life a “branding” program that will give other agencies, such as the Dept of Economic Development a tool that easily connects foreign buyers with the products they want.

       The catalog will be mostly electronic, but Wellman says the state can make printed copies as well with each company getting one page of its own to provide all the information they want.