Nebraska Mountain Lion Season Ends Early With Harvest Limit Met

       The 2021 mountain lion hunting season in the Pine Ridge is over.

The season opened Jan 2 and was to have run through the end of Feb, but closed Sunday when this year’s harvest limit was reached.

       The limit is 4 mountain lions or one female and this year 3 males were taken before the season ended with a female

       There were major changes in Nebraska’s mountain lion season this year. The 2 subunits of past year, one north of Highway 20 and one south with a limit of 4 big cats or 1 female each, were combined this year with a total 4-or-1 limit. 

       The harvest limit is set after being reviewed each year for factors that include estimated mountain lion population, location, and interaction with humans and other wildlife species. 

       The goal is for a resilient and healthy population appropriate for the Pine Ridge and similar to densities of other states that allow mountain lion hunting. 

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