Nebraska Tops 100,000 COVID-19 Cases

Nebraska has topped 100,000 COVID-19 cases and is nearing 800 deaths connected to the virus.

       Health and Human Services on Monday reported 3,440 new cases – a one-day record by more than 750 – and 938 hospitalizations, another one-day record.

       The state has now had 101,601 confirmed cases while 18 deaths reported Monday brings that count to 797. There have also been 54,095 recoveries so far, but that leaves Nebraska with 46,709 active cases 

       The percentage of available hospital beds slipped to 29% and ventilators to 69%, , but the number of ICU beds inched up to 21%  

      The spread of the coronavirus is far greater now than at its peak in the spring. The average daily case number last week was 2,293 compared to 435 the first week of May – a jump of 427%.

       The average daily hospitalization count of 901 was 449% higher and the 81 deaths last week was 60 more than May 1-7 for a 286% increase.