12-Year Old Saves 2 Teen Anglers From Drowning

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MONROE, Neb. (AP) – Authorities say a 12-year-old Fullerton boy saved two teenagers from drowning in the Loup Canal near Monroe in Platte County during a catfish tournament last Sat afternoon.

Cayden Scheffler was fishing with 17-year old Ford Ekhoff and Ekhoff’s 18-year old girlfriend, Lily Kayes, when Ekhoff’s dog jumped into the canal. Eckhoff went in to get the animal, but found the water was too cold and the current too strong.

As he was running out of energy, he tried to get to the shore but he finally did it was too slippery to get up. Kayes then reached down to pull him up by she slipped and fell in.

Scheffler says he knew it was too dangerous for him to go into the water, so he decided to cast his fishing line down to Ekhoff and Kayes to pull them to shore. Kayes caught the line, but as Scheffler tried to pull her up the line snapped and the tip of his pole fell off.

Ekhoff, who was trying to push Kayes up the bank, told Scheffler to get his pole – orange, 12-feet long, and super-glued together – and lower it down to them. Ekhoff got Kayes close enough to grab the pole and she was able to climb out.

Ekhoff tried to follow, but was too exhausted to climb up when he reached the bank. Scheffler and Kayes were able to then pull him all the way out of the water, but instead of climbing to the top, Ekhoff successfully snagged his dog and brought it back to the shore.

EMTs arrived a short time later and tended to the teens, who needed no further treatment. The dog was also unhurt.

Scheffler’s father made a Facebook post about the rescue that went viral and brought the 12-year old attention that made him feel uncomfortable. Still, Scheffler says he’s proud and glad he was able to help save his friends.