2020 Fall River County Fair Cancelled Over Cornavirus Liability Concerns


EDGEMONT – The Fall River County Fair Board has cancelled this year’s fair in Edgemont because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fair Board member Doug Rosane told Black Hills Fox that the decision was something none of the members wanted to do, but all felt was something they had to do in the interest of safety and liability.

Rosane said the fair board, which runs the private non-profit corporation that puts on the fair, met with its insurance carrier and was told the company couldn’t guarantee that the fair wouldn’t be held liable if people got sick.

He also said there were too many uncertaintities from funding to attendance to what social distancing and capacity rules that might be in effect when the fair would have started about 6 weeks from now.

South Dakota Extension had already decided 4-H would not be part of county fairs this year, another factor in the Fall River County decision.