$40,000 Restitution Ordered In Pine Ridge School Vandalism


PINE RIDGE, S.D. (AP) – A Pine Ridge Reservation man has been ordered to pay more than $40,000 restitution for a rampage through the Pine Ridge School, leaving what authorities called a bloody and ink-stained “path of destruction in his wake.”

The restitution order was part of a plea deal for Nicholas Otter Robe, who pleaded guilty to 3rd-degreee burglary. He was also sentenced to 5 years of probation that includes substance abuse and mental health treatments while prosecutors dropped a charge of destroying government property

Authorities say Otter Robe broke into the school early in June 2018. When tribal police found him, he was intoxicated and suffering from a cut on his arm.

In the parking lot of the school, officers discovered two damaged government vehicles with blood stains on the driver’s seats.

Inside the building, they found that Otter Robe had damaged or destroyed 4 computers, 2 refrigerators, a touchscreen, a copy machine, 2 window air conditioners, a carpet and other items while leaving furniture, papers, and filing cabinets “strewn about down the hallway.”