Albertson’s/Safeway Foundation Donates $1,450 To Oelrichs Rodeo


The Chadron Safeway store presented the all-volunteer Oelrichs Rodeo Association, Inc, with a $1,450 check Tuesday from the Albertsons-Safeway Foundation for improvements to the Oelrichs rodeo grounds.

Store manager Jaclyn Smith says Chadron banker and Oelrichs Rodeo supporter Jane Ramm discovered the grant program and brought it to her attention shortly after she transferred to Chadron, so Smith’s very happy to be part of the donation process.

Rodeo Association spokesman Matt Harkless says the rodeo has been part of the Oelrichs community for 7 decades, highlighted each year by its annual rodeo in September.

The summer now also includes Youth Rodeos for competitors up to 18 years old and a Barrel Racing series for all ages. Harkless says the new events have made it clear the rodeo facilities need improving, with the Safeway grant and others like it a key part of the effort.

Harkless says it’s fitting this donation comes from Chadron because of the number of local residents who compete in Oelrichs, adding that there’s no firm timetable yet for the rodeo grounds upgrade and expansion because it’s dependent on fundraising.