Alliance Traffic Light Flashing For 3 Months In Study On Removing It

     The traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 87/Flack Avenue and 6th Street in Alliance is in a flashing mode for the next 3 months as the Nebraska Department of Transportation considers removing it entirely.

      Until December 13, north-south traffic on Flack/Hwy 87 will not be required to stop while east-west vehicles on 6th Street will be.

        The state says recent studies indicated the signal may no longer be appropriate for the conditions at that intersection, so a 3-month study on removing it has begun with the switch to flashing mode the key portion of the study.

      Staff from the NDOT Traffic Engineering Division and from the department’s local District 5 will monitor the intersection and evaluate public interest. A final decision on removing the light will be made after the study is completed.

      If the decision is made to keep the traffic light, it will go back to standard function. If the signal is to be removed, the signal heads will be removed with the removal of the signal poles to follow when time allows. 

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