Bodies Found North Of Manderson Believed To Be Cousins Missing Nearly 3 Months

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PINE RIDGE, S.D. (AP) – Authorities on the Pine Ridge Reservation believe they have found the bodies of two men missing since late December in the Manderson area.

Oglala Lakota County Sheriff Joe Herman says autopsies must still confirm the identity of the two, but that “it is very likely” the remains are those of 25-year old cousins Robert “RJ” Kills Enemy Jr and Steven Little Dog.

Sheriff Herman says a rancher searching for a missing cow found the body believed to be Kills Enemy late last week in the hills north of Manderson with the second body discovered a short distance away on Monday.

Kills Enemy and Little Dog were last seen about 11:00 pm on Dec. 27 when they ran away from an Oglala Sioux tribal police officer who had responded to a 911 call about 2 intoxicated men walking around.

Multiple searches have been held since then, and some clothing belonging to the cousins were found about a month ago. Sheriff Herman, who helped coordinate the searches, says many organizations and individuals volunteered their time to search with drones, horses, ATVs and other tools.