Chadrad Visitor Cheats To Influence Poll Question


Should Chadron Adopt A Mask Mandate? It’s a simple question, designed to give our community a chance to express their opinion. That’s what poll questions are for . It’s a great way to get a feel for how a group of people think. Until someone cheats.

I created the poll on Thursday afternoon, quietly adding it to the home page, wondering how long it would take for people to notice. As it turns out, not long. In the first 24 hours there were over a thousand votes. Day two saw another 1000 votes cast. At that point the results were pretty clear. With over 2000 votes in the results were about 87% against a mask mandate and 13% for a mask mandate. Only a small fraction of 1% were not sure.

That’s when the numbers started to shift. I noticed a lot of votes coming in, all in favor of a mask mandate. 13% became 20%, and it continued to climb. By the next morning the numbers had switched so drastically that more than 50% were now for a mask mandate.

Time to investigate. I looked at the log files for the poll and it didn’t take long to spot the problem. One user had repeatedly voted, over and over again, more than 500 times. Imagine taking that much time out of your day just to deceive others. I’m sure if I look further I will find a couple more users doing the same thing, but there is no need, the damage is done.

Remember, the intent of the poll question is to gauge how a group of people feel, not one person. There was no bias or intent in the question, just a simple ask about how you feel.

Is it too much to ask for honesty and integrity in such a simple matter. Apparently it is. Imagine what this same person or persons would do with something more important, something that would impact the whole country. Would they act honestly, or would they cheat and deceive without remorse in order to promote their own agenda.

In this matter the solution is simple. I reset the poll question. I also set the rules so that you can only vote one time. If you voted before, please go back and vote again. If you haven’t voted, please do. We want to know how you all feel.