Chadron High Student Thomas Kaus Named To Cong. Smith Youth Advisor Council


     Thomas Kaus of Chadron is one of 16 high school students selected by 3rd District Congressman Adrian Smith to serve on his Youth Advisory Council for the 2021-22 academic school year.

      Smith’s Youth Advisory Council is a forum for high school students to discuss opinions, thoughts, and concerns about local and federal issues with Smith throughout the school year through in-person meetings and other contacts.

     Serving on the Council also provides students with an opportunity for involvement and insight into their government and their communities.

     The vast 3rd Congressional District touches all of the states that border Nebraska, and the Youth Advisory Council has members from all parts of the state.

      There are 2 other members besides Kaus from the Panhandle – Lawrence Hunter-Miller of Bayard and Jenason Spady of Garden County High in Oshkosh.

       The Council is open to students from sophomore through senior class. More information is at Smith’s website at

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