Chadron School Board Videoconferencing Tonight’s Meeting


The Chadron School Board meets tonight at 5:30 in the Central Office Board Room for a special session focused on the coronavirus.

Because of public gathering limits, the meeting will also be videoconferenced via Zoom at

Some questions coming into the board meeting were answered yesterday when all the school districts in the Panhandle agreed to cancel classes through May 1st, extending the current 2-week closure for an extra month.

Chadron Superintendent Dr Caroline Winchester, her administrative team, and the district’s teachers had already prepared a plan to use remote delivery methods to educate students and still end classes on May 22nd.

The state has waived a number of requirements for schools including assessment testing and classroom hour minimums, but Winchester says the Chadron Public Schools want to provide more than a bare-minimum education this and shaped the new plan to do that.

Winchester says the plan drops traditional grades in favor of a “mastery” system that shows if a student has mastered a given subject, using goals and assessments developed by the district and targeted separately K-12.

((Caroline Winchester

Because of obvious limitations of using only remote delivery, some classes – most notably art and music – will be dropped for the rest of the school year.

Winchester says those teachers will help out in other subjects and other ways as the district deals with challenges that include a lack of home internet service and computers for some students.

The board is also expected to authorize Winchester to grant paid level at full wages and benefits to any employee forced to stay home by the coronavirus, including for self-quarantine, and to take all other actions needed to monitor and deal with the pandemic in concert with state and local health officials.