Chadron Schools Working On Remote Delivery Plan – Just In Case


CHADRON – Although there’s been no official announcement, many educators across Nebraska expect the state to order all schools to remain closed for 6-to-8 weeks when the current closure ends a week from Monday on the 30th.

Chadron Superintendent Dr Caroline Winchester is among them, and she’s been working with her team of principals and administrators on a plan that would use a variety of remote delivery methods to complete the current school year as scheduled in late May.

Winchester says the administrative team and teachers have been working hard for the past week to come up with ways to define mastery of a subject and how to deliver the information and skills students will need to meet that definition.


Winchester says the state has waived a lot of requirements schools usually have to meet, including minimum hours of instruction, which means districts could offer a bare-minimum education this year, but that’s not what she and the faculty and staff of the Chadron Public Schools want to do.

The Chadron School Board will discuss the plan at a special meeting Monday night.