Crawford City Council Agenda Dec 10, 2019

Crawford City Council Regular Council Meeting
Crawford City Hall Dec 10, 2019 at 6:30 PM

1. Call to Order / Roll Call

2. Anyone wishing to speak on an agenda item, please wait to be recognized by the Chair Person.

3. A copy of the Open Meetings Act is posted on the wall in the Council Chambers. It is also available in pamphlet form.

4. Approval of Minutes of November 26, 2019 regular Council meeting

5. Board Reports
Ponderosa Villa
Hospital Board
Rodeo Board
Chamber of Commerce
Sub-Committee for use of Cultural Center
Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA)

6. Discuss uniform allowance policy

7. Discuss upcoming water and sewer projects

8. Discuss/approve/disapprove repair or replacement of variable frequency drive for the blowers at the sewer plant

9. Approve Resolution 2019-15: opening of bank account designated “USDA Rural Development” (bond requirement)

10. Open conditional use hearing for Mimi Lue Dodd for a flower business at 507 Main Street

11. Receive comments and close conditional use hearing for Mimi Lue Dodd for a flower business at 507 Main Street

12. Approve/disapprove conditional use for Mimi Lue Dodd for a flower business at 507 Main Street

13. Discuss time-clock policy

14. Discuss/approve/disapprove publication of public notice for a back-up vehicle for Public Transportation

15. Proclamation: January is Radon Awareness Month

16. Approve delinquent utility account report and next legal actions

17. Approve appointment as SWANN representative

18. Approve/disapprove attendance of Gene Anderson at the Snowball Conference in Kearney, NE January 22-23, 2020

19. Approve attendance to the 2020 NE Municipal Clerk Institute and Academy March 16-20, 2020 in Kearney, NE

20. Approve attendance of Mayor Shell at the League of NE Municipalities Midwinter Conference February 24-25, 2020 in Lincoln, NE

21. Discuss/approve/disapprove advertising for leasing of hay grounds

22. Discuss/approve/disapprove re-appointment of Anthony (Toney) Krajewski as Street Superintendent for 2020

23. Approve cemetery deed for Cassandra Moody Olson

24. Discuss/approve employee evaluations to be conducted annually

25. Set next council meeting date

26. Approve Treasurer’s Report and Claims Report

27. Bills/Claims – Subject to approval of 3 Council Members

28. Adjournment

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