CSC Dorms To Provide Quarantine Rooms If Needed

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CHADRON – If Nebraska suddenly needs more housing for COVID-19 cases, it may come at Chadron State College and its two sister schools under a new agreement with the State College System, NEMA – the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, and the state Dept of Health and Human Services.

Under the agreement, similar to one with the University of Nebraska for its campuses, the schools would provide dorm rooms for those who don’t require immediate hospital care but aren’t able to quarantine at home.

Chancellor Paul Turman says the State College System believes it’s important to offer its resources to “serve the people of Nebraska during this public health crisis,” especially those in rural areas – the target service area for the 3 schools.

Turman emphasizes that there are no quarantined individuals at any of the colleges and no immediate need for the designated rooms, which would be completely separate from any students who remain on campus.

CSC Vice President Jon Hansen says if the call were to go out to use the college rooms, Health and Human Services would be in charge of operations including staffing.

The system is different from the one the state has to provide rooms for healthcare workers and first responders who need to quarantine away from their families . That system uses hotels.