CSC Wind Symphony And Community Band Free Concert Friday Night

(Tena L. Cook/Chadron State College)

    The Chadron State College music department is offering a pair of weekend concerts, starting with the CSC Wind Symphony and the Community Band tonight at 7:00 in Memorial Hall.

     The College Concert Choir and the Community Choir offer another joint concert Sunday at 3:00 in the Chadron Arts Center. Both concerts are free and open to the public.

    The music department has made female composers and performers the focus of its presentations this year under the title Celebrating Women in Music, and both weekend concerts feature works by female composers and arrangers.

      The Wind Symphony and Community Band will each perform separately tonight with each playing a number by a contemporary female composer.

     For the Wind Symphony, the composer is Julie Giroux, who was born in 1961, while the Community Band will perform a piece by Anne McGinty, born in 1945.

      The Concert and Community Choirs will each do a number written by women and will also each sing separately and together as a combined group. 

     This was originally to be a musical tripleheader weekend with a faculty piano recital by Dr Brooks Hafey, but it’s been rescheduled to next month on December 13.

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