Dangerous High Wind Event Ongoing


Message of The Day

• Hazardous travel conditions likely along I-80 and I-25 today. High Wind
Warning for 70 to 80 mph gusts in effect.
• More widespread strong wind events will last through Thursday evening
for southeastern Wyoming and through Friday morning for the Nebraska
Panhandle. High Wind Warnings are in effect.
• Wind prone areas may see wind gusts near 80 mph. Laramie and
Cheyenne near 70 mph gusts.

Important Forecast Changes

• Updated the Nebraska Panhandle to High Wind Warnings.

Extreme blowoff and blow over risk for wind prone areas.
Timing & Duration: Strongest winds this afternoon expected to continue
through Thursday night for Southeastern Wyoming. Strong winds for the
Nebraska Panhandle expected to being around 11:00 pm tonight and last
through Friday morning. However, winds could start earlier for the Panhandle.
Dangerous driving conditions for light weight and high profile
vehicles on Interstate 80 from Pine Bluffs to Rawlins and Interstate 25 from
Colorado state line to Casper. Travel delays and possible road closures.

A HIGH blow over risk exists along Interstates 25 and 80.
• Wind gusts of 70 to 80 mph for wind prone areas. 60 to 70 mph will occur outside wind prone areas.