Dawes County COVID-19 Cases Actually Sioux County Cases


There just seems to be something about Dawes County that triggers errors in reporting coronavirus cases.

Nebraska Health and Human Services 3 times temporarily credited cases in Dawson County to Dawes County and now it turns out that 2 cases listed Monday as being in Dawes County were actually Sioux County cases.

Not only that,the ages and genders in the 2 cases were flipped and the individuals were actually a man in his 40s and a woman in her 50s instead of the other way around.

Unified Command did report 9 new cases around the region for the second straight day on Tuesday, 5 in Scotts Bluff County and 4 in Cheyenne. That brings the regional total to 252 positive cases, including 90 active and 155 recovered after 3 more Scotts Bluff County residents got a clean bill of health yesterday,

Nebraska Health and Human Services listed another 7 COVID-19 deaths in the state, pushing the total to 256. There were also 133 new cases of the disease for a total of 18,092 with 125 hospitalized and 12,099 recovered. 161,494 tests have been administered in Nebraska.