Dentist Terry Owen Retires After 44 Years, All In Chadron


      Chadron dentist Dr Terry Owen is retiring after 44 years and a retirement party was held to mark the occasion Friday at the 7th Day Adventist Church just west of Chadron. 

     Owen, who appeared on Sound-Off Friday morning, says the celebration was as much, if not more, to say thank you to his staff and patients as to mark his retirement.

     Terry Owen is a Rushville High School graduate who grew up in Hay Springs, earned his bachelor’s degree at Union College, and got his dental degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center School of Dentistry.

       Owen says he and his wife Brenda struggled to find a place to settle after dental school before deciding to give Chadron a try. He feels he was led to the community.

Owen says interest rates were 18%, making money a struggle, then the phone company left his practice out of the phone book – probably the most valuable advertising tool for a dentist in the late 1970s – but the practice went on to thrive.

       Not only has Chadron been his only home as a dentist, his practice has been in the same location all 44 years – the corner of 6th and Main.

Owen says being forced to buy the extra lot is another example of God having a plan that he couldn’t see at the time because he eventually used the land to expand his offices after his son Jonathan joined him.

Terry Owen isn’t totally hanging up his dental drill and pick; the office is holding a free dental day on September 16th and he’ll be there working with patients.

     That said, the Owens are planning to stay busy away from the dental office working on projects around the home and traveling a lot – either to visit family or just see other parts of the country.

3 thoughts on “Dentist Terry Owen Retires After 44 Years, All In Chadron”

  1. Dr. Owens;
    You are an amazing dentist and you will be missed I have such respect and pride in having you as my dentist all these years.
    Thank you for your care!

  2. dr. owens,
    terry ive known you and your parents a very long time, you have been my dentist for many years, as well as family friend, i wish you a blessed retirement,,


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