Detailed Census Data Shows SD Growth Mainly In Cities


      South Dakota’s cities fueled the state’s population growth over the last decade, according to the new detailed population data released by the U-S Census Bureau. That means still more legislative power will shift towards cities with redistricting.

      The state’s three most populous counties – Minnehaha, Lincoln and Pennington – accounted for most of the population growth. Lincoln County, with parts of Sioux Falls and its suburbs, grew by 45% to 65,161. 

       Several counties in the Black Hills saw jumps in population as well. Meade and Pennington Counties reported a combined increase of 13,642 people, raising the possibility they’ll pick up seats under redistricting. 

    The legislative committees tasked with redistricting say they will begin to pour over the data in earnest later this month. Lawmakers have indicated the most challenging areas will be cities and Native American reservations.

      Federal law requires the state to ensure racial minority groups receive adequate representation, and more than half of the population growth in Sioux Falls came from minority groups with the Black, Asian and Hispanic populations nearly doubling.

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