EMS Drug Restocking Bill Advances


LINCOLN, Neb. – A bill allowing emergency medical service providers to use local hospital pharmacies to restock prescription medications was expanded and advanced from general file in the Nebraska legislature Monday.

Sponsor Senator Bruce Bostelman of Brainard said current law allows for the transfer of prescription drugs between holders of a pharmacy license, health care practitioners and hospitals to alleviate a temporary shortage. His bill adds EMS providers to that list.

Bostelman said EMS providers must currently purchase and restock medications they use from wholesale drug distributors only – distributors who are not local, who require minimum purchases that may be much larger than an EMS provider needs, and don’t always have the needed drugs on hand.

Bostleman said his bill would be a big step in helping Nebraska’s emergency medical service providers with the financial and logistical issues they currently face because of the distributorship law.