Florida Truck Driver Facings 2 Counts Of Motor Vehicle Homicide In Sat Freeway Crash In Lincoln


      A Florida truck driver has been arrested in connection with an 8-vehicle crash Saturday morning about 9:30 on Interstate 80 in Lincoln that killed 2 people and sent 5 others to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

     The Nebraska State Patrol says 50-year old Yorkwind Crawford of North Miami Beach was lodged in Lancaster County Jail on 2 counts of motor vehicle homicide. 

     The accident occurred when Crawford’s westbound semi rear-ended another vehicle near the 27th Street interchange, then continued on for another mile-plus. Striking 6 other westbound vehicles. 

        The Patrol says several bystanders rushed to the scene with troopers responding along with Lancaster County Sheriff’s deputies, Lincoln police officers, and Lincoln Fire and Rescue crews.

      Killed were a La Vista father and son, 41-year old Mark Kaipust and 7 year-year old Taylor Kaipust. Five other people were transported to Bryan Health West Campus with non-life-threatening injuries.

       Investigators believe speed and inattention were the primary causes of the crash, which remains under investigation.

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