Grand Opening For World Fossil Finder Museum On Sat


HOT SPRINGS – The area’s newest attraction, the World Fossil Finder Museum in Hot Springs, is holding its grand opening today with free admission, refreshments, raffles, and a free fossil for all kids. KCSR will broadcast live from the museum from 10:00 till noon.

Co-owner Frank Garcia says several of the new museum’s fossils are the largest or best of their species in the world, and he should know. Garcia formerly worked for the Smithsonian and in 1983 found the world’s largest and earliest ice age fossil site in Florida

Among the exhibits is one found near Edgemont 6 years ago, the longest and most complete skelton of a tylosaurus, a large predatory marine reptile of the mosasaur family that lived 66-to-94-million years ago. Garcia has named it Debby Sue in tribute to his wife.

The World Fossil Finder Museum is on Highway 18 in the south end of Hot Springs, just north of Pizza Hut. Admission is free for veterans on Wednesdays.