Hung Jury Results In Mistrial For Kimball Man In Infant Daughter’s Death

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KIMBALL, Neb. (AP) – A mistrial has been declared in the Kimball County District Court trial of a Kimball man for the death last March of his 7-month old daughter.

24-year-old Alexander Romero is charged with Intentional Child Abuse Resulting in Death.

Jurors deliberated for more than 10 hours Monday and Tuesday before telling District Judge Derek Weimer they were hopelessly deadlocked and unable to come to a unanimous verdict.

Weimer declared the mistrial with special prosecutor and assistant attorney general Doug Warner saying he will retry the case. A new date this spring will depend on the schedule of expert witnesses who testified during the first trial.

Romero’s daughter was unresponsive when she was taken to the Kimball hospital last March and died several days later.

Romero gave police two versions of what happened. In one, he said he placed her on a futon when he went to find his phone and she then fell to the floor. In the second version, he said he’d been “playfully running” with her when he tripped and fell.

Court records show that the doctors who examined the girl told investigators her injuries could not have been caused by an accidental fall.