Ice Fisherman Rescued After ATV Falls Through the Ice

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An ice fisherman on Sheridan Lake, 15 miles west of Rapid City, was rescued after he fell through the ice while riding at ATV on the middle of the lake about 11:15 Friday morning.

South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Conservation Officer Justin Harman says the 66-year old fisherman, whose name has not been released, was rescued within a few minutes by other fishermen and declined an ambulance ride to a hospital.

Harman says the ATV will remain in the lake until spring because of safety concerns, although the U-S Forest Service – which built the lake – could decide to remove the ATV before then if it starts to leak gas or oil.

Harman also says those going ice fishing need to consistently check the thickness of ice on a lake or pond to make sure it’s safe. Ice should be at least 8″ thick when using an ATV, and 14 to 18″ when using a larger vehicle such as a truck or SUV.