IHS Will Help If OST Ambulance Workers Conduct Walkout


     The Oglala Sioux Tribal Council has made arrangements with the federal Indian Health Service to fill in case workers at the OST Ambulance Service go ahead with a threatened walkout today.

       The employees made the threat earlier in the work saying they’re badly understaffed and underpaid. Despite having only about 20,00 residents on the Pine Ridge Reservation, the ambulance service is the third-busiest in South Dakota.

      OST President Kevin Killer, who revealed the potential walkout Tuesday on Facebook, says having the IHS standing by is good, but what’s most important is working out an agreement between the tribal and emergency service workers. 

      President Killer is also hopeful that the tribal council now actively working towards finding solutions will convince the employees to scrap plans for the walkout. 

     He also puts the biggest share of blame for the situation on the federal government, which he says has historically underfunded services promised to tribes by treaties. 

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