Mountain Lion Season Over In South Subunit, 3 Weeks Left In North Subunit

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Nebraska’s mountain lion hunting season in the Pine Ridge is over for the South Sub-Unit, but continues to the end of the month in the North Sub-Unit. Highway 20 is the dividing line between the Sub-Units.

Each has a harvest limit of either 4 mountain lions or 2 female lions, with the season in that Sub-Unit ending immediately whenever either limit is reached. The South Sub-Unit had 3 males and 1 female taken this year.

No big cats have been killed by hunters in the North Sub-Unit yet, so the season continues as usual there until Friday the 28th.

If the harvest limit has not been reached by then, a 2-week supplemental season will begin March 15 with one permit issued for each lion remaining in the limit.

The permits will be issued by lottery to unsuccessful applicants for the regular season and hunters well be allowed to use dogs in the supplemental season, a practice banned in the regular season.