Multiple Poaching Counts Brings Nearly 2 Years Jail And $20K Fine/Damages

HOLDREGE, Neb. (AP) – A south-central Nebraska man has been given nearly 2 years in jail and ordered to pay over $20,000 after pleading guilty to multiple deer hunting violations during last year’s hunting seasons.

29-year-old Arthur Underwood of rural Phelps County was sentenced earlier this month on 5 counts each of exceeding bag limits and of violating deer regulations and single counts of false reporting and attempted tampering with evidence.

Underwood was given a pair of consecutive 300 day terms for tampering and false reporting and 30 day terms for the over-bagging and regulation violations that will be served consecutively.

He must also pay $22,000 in liquidated damages and loses his hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges for 3 years.

Four other members of Underwood’s hunting party also were cited and paid much smaller fines and liquidated damages.

Easton Kalb pleaded guilty on 2 counts of violating hunting regulations and was fined $100 for each and ordered to pay $500 liquidated damages. Halley Helleberg was given a $500 fine and $2,000 liquidated damages on a single count of unlawfully taking or possessing game.

Tristin Wood was fined $100 for violation of hunting regulations while Johnathon Wood received a $150 fine for hunting deer without a permit. All 5 individuals were also ordered to pay court costs.

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