Neb Gas Tax Drops Slightly


LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – Nebraska’s motor fuels tax dropped 4-10ths of a cent yesterday to 29.3-cents per gallon and will stay there at least through June, when it will be reviewed for possible adjustment.

The state gas tax has three components: a fixed rate set by state law, a component reflecting the wholesale price of the previous 6 months, and a rate based on how much revenue is needed to fund the highway construction budget approved by the Legislature.

The package is reviewed twice a year and can be adjusted up or down in January and July, depending on whether the overall tax is bringing in more or less revenue than needed for the construction budget.

In addition to the state tax, Nebraska motorists pay 9-10ths of a penny per gallon in a petroleum release remedial action fee and the federal gas tax of 18.4-cents per gallon. The federal tax hasn’t gone up in 23 years.

That brings the total gas tax in Nebraska to 48.6-cents per gallon. The latest State Motor Fuel Tax report from the American Petroleum Institute shows that the average for all 50 states is 54.7 cents, with California the highest at 80.45-cents and Alaska the lowest at 32.72-cents.