Nebraska Druggist Arrested In Arson/Dark Web Conspiracy

AUBURN, Neb. (AP) – A Nebraska pharmacist linked to a Dark Web drug ring has been arrested by federal officers in a Virginia case for allegedly conspiring to firebomb a local competitor’s pharmacy.

41-year old Hyrum Wilson of Auburn is charged in Alexandria, Virginia, with conspiracy to use fire and explosives, conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, and a firearms-related offense.

Federal prosecutors accuse Wilson of supplying thousands of prescription pills, including opiates, from last August to earlier this month to William Burgamy IV, identified in the indictments of both men as the Darknet vendor NeverPressedRX.

Burgamy was arrested April 10 and ordered held without bond on the 13th. The firebombing plot was uncovered through search warrants that were executed following Burgamy’s arrest.

According to court documents, the firebombing of another pharmacy in Auburn was intended give a reason for Wilson sharply increasing his legitimate orders of prescription drugs that could be sold illegally by Burgamy.

The documents also show that Wilson reportedly told another unnamed co-conspirator after a delivery that “this is the last shipment he (Burgamy) will get from me as long as the other pharmacy is still standing.”

Investigators say the pair named the plan to use Molotov cocktails “Operation Firewood,” with Wilson also suggesting that Burgamy steal drugs from his rival before torching the pharmacy. Wilson’s also accused of creating get-away maps and routes for Burgamy to use after the firebombing..

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