Nebraska SNAP Benefits Increase In Response To Virus


LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – The Nebraska Dept of Health and Human Services has filed a request with the USDA’s Food and Nutritional Service for money from the federal coronavirus response act for SNAP – the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, still known to many as food stamps.

Nebraska Children and Family Services director Stephanie Beasley says the emergency allotment funds will increase the amount SNAP recipients receive for March and April. Recipients won’t need to do anything – the increased benefits are automatically be loaded onto their current EBT cards. That happened for the March benefits on April 11 while the April funds will load May 7.

Beasley says Nebraska’s share of the emergency allotment will be about $8.6-million dollars per month with the increase for each recipient depending the number of individuals in the household and the current benefits. The maximum for a family of 4 will go up $146 to $646 per month for March and April.

Beasley says the emergency allotment is critical to the health of Nebraska’s most vulnerable, where there is “a growing sense of uncertainty in the economy and many people are being laid off or having a family member who was laid off.”