New Coronavirus Starting May 4 In The Panhandle

The Panhandle has been proactive in working together to flatten the curve to protect the Panhandle. Thank you to each of you for doing your part.

Please know that the risk of exposure to COVID-19 has not been reduced. This DHM leads us into a new phase of developing a new ‘normal’ – a way to move forward. Also, know that if we see an increase in exposures and the threat of overwhelming our hospitals, the DHM will become stricter. The phase we are moving into is a true balancing act, and we need your help.

The Governor is issuing a separate Directed Health Measures (DHM) for each health district.

Panhandle Public Health District’s DHM starts May 4th

Elective Medical and Dental Surgeries & Procedures

Hospitals can resume elective surgeries and procedures if they maintain 30% general bed availability, 30% ICU bed availability, 30% ventilator availability, and have a two-week supply of necessary PPE in their specific facility

Nebraska Dental Association Interim Guidance for Minimizing Risk of COVID-19 Transmission is available at


Will expand to 6-foot separation rule

Churches will need to ensure six feet of separation between different household units

No passing of any items amongst congregants

Will include funerals and weddings

An expanded guidance document will be provided soon

Beauty/nail salons, barber shops, massage therapy services, tattoo parlors/studios

Will be included in the 10 Person Rule

Will remain closed until May 4

Both workers and patrons will be required to wear masks

There is guidance on the CDC website on how to make cloth masks; there is a no-sew version.


Will be allowed dine-in options if all of the following conditions are met

Limited to 50% of rated occupancy maximum at a time

6 feet separation between seating of different parties

Maximum of six individuals in a dining party (groups larger than six will need to split into multiple tables)

Self-serve buffets and salad bars are prohibited. Restaurant staff must serve food directly to customers or implement buffet orders from the customer table. No customer self-service.

Bar seating not permitted

Patrons may only consume alcohol on-premise if also consuming a meal

Bars that do not serve food will remain limited to carry-out sales and delivery only

Daycare Facilities

Will expand to not more than 15 kids per room/space.

All other state provisions, statutes, regulations, including child to staff ratios, still apply

Other closures

Bars, Gentleman’s Clubs, Bottle Clubs, Indoor Movie Theaters, Indoor Theaters will remain closed until May 31st but subject to change before that date

We will continue to work with partners to provide additional guidance in preparation for the DHM to go into effect on May 4.

All Panhandle residents are encouraged to Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected. What does this mean to you?

Stay Home

Stay home whenever possible

Avoid gathering in any groups

Do not visit or host people who do not live with you

Stay Healthy

Keep at least 6 feet distance from anyone you don’t live with

Cover your nose and mouth with a cloth mask when you are out in public

Wash your hands

Stay home if you are sick or if someone in your home is sick

Stay Connected

Stay in touch with friends and loved ones

Check in on people who may be alone or need help

Panhandle Public Health District, Region 21, 22, and 23 Emergency Management, and Scotts Bluff County Health Department are working as a unified command on this evolving situation. Important updates will be regularly communicated to the public and community partners.

For the most up to date information from the CDC, visit:

Panhandle Public Health District is working together to improve the health, safety, and quality of life for all who live, learn, work, and play in the Panhandle. Our vision is that we are a healthier and safer Panhandle Community. Visit our website

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