New Covid Cases And Hospitalizations Up In Neb Especially Among Younger Adults


 Nebraska health officials say a growing number of younger people in the state are being hospitalized with COVID-19. Coronavirus hospitalizations rose this week for the first time in 4-½ months.

     Chief State Medical Officer Dr Gary Anthone said Thurs on Facebook Live there are 2 likely reasons for the increase: people aren’t following COVID recommendations as strictly as before, and more variations of the virus are taking hold in Nebraska. 

      Dr Anthone said some of the variants are more contagious than the original virus and make people sicker, but emphasized the vaccines still do an excellent job of preventing serious illness. 

      The average age of hospitalized COVID patients dropped from 61 in January to 51 in March, in part because the number of older people getting vaccinated has gone up. Nebraska had 161 hospitalizations on Thurs.

     The number of new cases has also been rising. The 7-day rolling average of new daily cases nearly doubled over the past 2 weeks for 491 on Tues, although there were only 413 new cases and active cases on Thursday. 

     After adding just one death in the previous 4 days, there were 24 reported yesterday as the number of active cases rose to 46,179 with 213,188 total cases and 2,207 deaths 

    Over 999,000 doses of vaccine have been administered to more than 634,000 individuals, including 23,582 in the Panhandle. Over 396,000 people, 26.7% of the state’s population over the age of 16, are now fully vaccinated.

      Panhandle Unified Command says the region had 7 new cases yesterday for a total of  8,930 total cases including 34 in the last 14 days with 3 hospitalized. There have been 191 deaths in the region.

      Dawes County has 741 total cases, but only 3 in the last 14 days. Chadron State College has only 2 active case, both students, and 247 total cases with 207 of those students.