New PBS Mini-Series Debuting Tonight Includes Mammoth Site, Agate Fossil Beds

LINCOLN, Neb. – Prehistoric Road Trip, a new 3-part series featuring fossil resources in the Northern Great Plains, debuts tonight on PBS. Among the sites visited are the Hot Springs Mammoth Site and Agate Fossil Beds National Monument.

Emily Graslie, a Rapid City native and the Chief Curiosity Correspondent for Chicago’s famed Field Museum, is the host, writer, and executive producer of the series which follows her on a summer road trip to Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, and the Dakotas.

Graslie examines the fossils of diverse prehistoric plants and animals while introducing the public to some of the people who helped bring those discoveries to light.

Tonight’s episode is titled Welcome to Fossil Country and focuses on the planet’s earliest organisms. Next week is We Dig Dinosaurs, while the final show Tiny Teeth, Fearsome Beasts is centered on relatively recent animals such as the Hot Springs mammoths and those at Agate Fossil Beds.

Prehistoric Road Trip airs tonight at 8:00 MT on both NET, Nebraska’s PBS station, and South Dakota Public Broadcasting, with multiple airings of the premier episode over the next week.

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