NGPC Bans Alcohol Possession And Consumption At Lake McConaughy

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has banned both possession and consumption of alcohol at Lake McConaughy and neighboring Lake Ogallala. The proposal approved Friday at the commission meeting Hastings affects only state-controlled areas.

Complaints about overcrowding and rowdy behavior at Lake McConaughy last 4th of July, much of it sparked by alcohol, led to proposed amendments to the management plan for the state recreation area at the lake that would sharply reduce visitor numbers.

The commission delayed action on those changes in January after a series of public meetings and a hearing drew hundreds of people opposed to the plan and led local officials and business leaders to work with the state on alternatives that could prevent a repeat of the 4th of July problems.

The Game and Parks Commission in 2010 lifted restrictions on alcohol consumption at all the lakes it operates except Lake McConaughy and the Willow Creek State Recreation Area. The new ban includes possession as well as consumption of alcohol.

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