Noem To Push For Students In Classrooms This Fall – At Least Part-Time

HURON, S.D. (AP) – South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem says she will push for schools to bring students into classrooms at least part of the time during the upcoming school year, but will leave it up to school districts to determine exactly what instruction looks like.

The Republican governor made her comments Wednesday while visiting Huron as part of a statewide tour to announce county and local funding for the coronavirus pandemic..

Noem indicated the state fair would still be held in Huron, but with precautions like social distancing, and she encouraged people to figure out ways to avoid a complete lock down on life while avoiding situations where COVID-19 infections could rapidly spread.

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  1. Jeff Wing

    Schools across the country are trying to figure out what to do this fall. The only thing that is certain is that plans will change, whatever is decided.

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