Noem Unveils “Back To Normal” Plan


PIERRE, S.D. (AP) – Governor Kristi Noem has unveiled her plan to help South Dakotans get “Back to Normal” following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “Back to Normal” plan outlines guidance for individuals, employers, schools, health care providers and local governments based on increased testing capacity and continued improvement in the projected peak hospitalization.

Noem says science, facts, and data have driven her decision-making so far and she will continue to do so with a plan that puts the power of decision-making into the hands of the people – where she believes it belongs.

The plan relies on resident continuing to exercise common sense, reasonableness, innovation, and a commitment to themselves, their families, and – in turn – their communities.

Noem says South Dakotans have taken personal responsibility for their health and safety seriously during the pandemic, doing a tremendous job of practicing good public hygiene and social distancing with the result that the projected peak infection rate has been cut by more than 75%

Noem says the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed the life path of many people, costing some of them friends and loved ones lost to the disease while inflicting tremendous economic, health and social costs- adding that the social costs of the virus are “historic in the worst way.”