OST Issues Shelter-In-Place Directive, Hoarding And Price-Gouging Bans

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PINE RIDGE, S.D. (AP) – The Oglala and Rosebud Sioux Tribes have both adopted emergency ordinances to help slow the spread of the coronavirus/COVID-19 on their reservations.

There have been no cases on the Pine Ridge Reservation and the Rosebud reported its first this week – an adult who is isolated at home.

The emergency ordinances for both tribes include a shelter-in-place directive. The OST version orders all individuals living on the reservation to stay home – keeping 6-feet apart if possible and leaving only for essential activities, essential governmental functions, or to run essential businesses.

Violations by individuals carry a $25 fine for a first offense and $50 for each subsequent offense while businesses face fines of $100 per incident.

The OST ordinances also include hoarding and price gouging sections. Those guilty of price gouging could be fined $1,000 per incident while hoarders could receive a $100 civil fine if the value of the items is less than $500 and $250 find if the total is over $500.