OST President Declares Emergency Over Drugs, Violence


Oglala Sioux Tribe President Julian Bear Runner on Monday declared a state of emergency on the Pine Ridge Reservation, citing a “rising number of homicides and meth use…which directly affects the Lakota way of life and balance of society.”

President Bear Runner said in a Facebook post that “We live in a constant state of crisis and trauma. My office will update as to immediate future plans to help defend our way of life.”

It’s not clear what direct action might result from the emergency declaration but it requests immediate help from several federal agencies; asking them to “deploy” investigators and other resources to help the tribe in preventing meth-related crimes and homicides.

There have been two homicides on the Pine Ridge Reservation in the past 3 weeks. Sloane Bull Bear was killed Dec 17 with 26-year old Colton Bagola charged with her murder, and 30-year old Casey Weston was killed in a Pine Ridge home last Friday. There’s been no arrest in his death.