Peaceful Walk Sat In Rapid City To Honor Memory Of George Floyd

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Organizers say they couldn’t be more pleased or proud of Saturday’s walk by hundreds in Rapid City’s Memorial Park in honor of George Floyd, whose death at the hands of a Minneapolis police has triggered violent protests across the country.

They say they were happy it was peaceful and surprised by the number and diversity of people who took part and the number of drivers passing by who also showed their support

Selwyn Jones, the uncle of George Floyd, was one of the participants and said he couldn’t have asked for anything more. Jones said it gave him butterflies and “blew” his mind to see an event that was so peaceful that he never once thought there was going to be any kind of situation.

The day was not entirely free of incidents. Rapid City police spokesperson Brendyn Medina said when a smaller group splintered off afterward and walked to the Public Safety Building for a protest, one of them interfered with street traffic and was arrested when he refused to stop

Medina said the police department was “very grateful for the way the vast majority of those in attendance behaved today (as) they exercised their constitutional rights appropriately and safely.”

Police Chief Karl Jegeris released a video on Facebook before the walk saying he couldn’t attend but want to let the participants know that he stood with them in spirit.

The chief said he and the other members of the department were “shocked” when seeing the video of Floyd’s death and he wanted everyone to know that the RCPD remains committed to employing effective and proactive approaches to community policing.

Jegeris encouraged the public to go to the department’s website and take a survey on how police could be even more effective in community policing.

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