Prison Attack Hospitalizes Two Staffers

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – The Nebraska Dept of Correctional Services says 2 staffers at the State Penitentiary were taken to the hospital with serious injuries Saturday after being assaulted about 6:30 by an inmate inside one of the prison’s housing units.

The department says the inmate punched the first staff member in the head, causing him to fall unresponsive on the ground, took his pepper spray, and sprayed him with it as he lay on the ground.

Other inmates alerted another staffer, but he was attacked by the inmate as he arrived. He was hit in the head several times with the pepper spray canister of the first staff member, but managed to deploy his own spray at the inmate and call for help. Additional staffers arrived and restrained the inmate.

The department says the first staff member remains hospitalized with undisclosed injuries. The second received staples at the hospital to close the injuries to his head and was then released.

The department says the inmate faces sanctions such as loss of good time under its disciplinary process, but the incident will also be the subject of a criminal investigation with the findings going to the Lancaster County Attorney for possible criminal prosecution.

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