Proposed Chadron Deer Plan Relies On Special Permit Program

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CHADRON – The proposed management plan for deer inside the Chadron city limits presented to the city council Monday night for initial review is based on an existing Nebraska Game and Parks program to help farmers and ranchers who are suffering significant crop and feed losses to deer and elk.

Police Chief Tim Lordino said the plan, hammered out over roughly a year by staff from Game and Parks and the city, would have the state issue animal damage permits allowing the shooting of deer by trained individuals. Lordino said the focus would be on deer that appear to be sick, possibly with Chronic Wasting Disease.

Game and Parks conservation officer Kyle Gaston said his agency and the police have always responded to calls about deer inside the city, but generally only after the animals have died. The proposed plan takes a proactive approach of finding and eliminating sick deer.


The plan also calls for getting residents to stop either intentionally or unintentionally feeding deer. Lordino said some residents who like having the deer visit their homes and yards put out food for them, but others wind up doing much the same by leaving hay in fields for extended periods or not picking fallen apples in their yards

The city council is expected to act on the plan next month.

Deer in Chadron have always been a nuisance, but are a growing problem – jumping from an estimated 225 within a 7-square mile area centered on Chadron in 2016 to over 330 last year.