Rapid City Mall Gets New Owner, New Name


      The Rushmore Mall in Rapid City, in the hands of a bank for the past 3 years has a new owner and a new name. RockStep Capital says Uptown Rapid will be much different from the old mall.

         Rockstep President Andy Weiner says the word “mall” is associated with retail while Uptown Rapid will offer alternative uses such as fitness, hotels, and family entertainment. 

       Weiner says the next 3 years will see new spaces and a more modern exterior as it transitions from a mall to a community mecca.

        Uptown General Manager Sandy Brockhouse says some of the old mall’s events will continue while growing others to help make the community center and gathering place. 

        Brockhouse says the current retail space is almost full, but is aggressively seeking additional tenants – offering a rent-free period for the first 3 new businesses and reduced rent for some spaces to attract smaller-scale businesses,

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