SD Regents Committed To On-Campus Operations This Fall


PIERRE, S.D. (AP) – The South Dakota Board of Regents announced on Friday that it is committed to on-campus operations this fall, including face-to-face teaching and learning.

The state’s 6 public universities have been limited to remote instruction for the last half of the spring semester and the full summer semester.

Regents’ President John Bastian says “the COVID-19 pandemic dictated an unprecedented change this spring in the way we teach, learn, and work, requiring faculty, students, and staff to adapt in extraordinary ways.”

Bastian says the schools will successfully complete the spring and summer semesters under conditions no one could anticipate, so it’s now time to turn attention to the new academic year beginning this fall.

Board staff, the public university presidents, and the special school superintendents have been working together on how to safely resume face-to-face teaching with each campus having the authority to adjust some operational details.

Bastian says those decisions will be guided by safety, science, and educational mission with a priority to balance the significant value of on-campus teaching and learning with an equal responsibility to protect community health and safety.