Senate Passes Fischer’s Internet Of Things Planning Bill

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U-S Senate has passed the bipartisan DIGIT – Developing and Growing the Internet of Things – Act, reintroduced by 4 senators including Nebraska Republican Deb Fischer.

The DIGIT Act would convene a working group of federal entities and experts from the private and academic sectors to come up with recommendations to Congress on how to facilitate the growth of connected Internet of Things technologies.

The group’s recommendations would focus on how to plan for – and encourage – the development and deployment of the IoT in the U.S.

The DIGIT Act also directs the Federal Communications Commission to complete a report assessing spectrum needs required to support the Internet of Things.

Fischer says that “as America moves toward an increasingly connected future, the DIGIT Act will ensure that we remain a technological leader and spur innovative solutions across industries to benefit our nation’s families, communities, and businesses.

The DIGIT Act now goes to the House, where Fischer hopes to see it move quickly through the committee process to a floor vote.