Sports Wagering Constitutional Amendment Headed To Voters

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) -South Dakota voters will decide in November whether to allow sports betting in Deadwood.

The State House Tuesday passed a constituional amendment to allow the practice after killing a similar measure last year. Passage by voters would allow tribal casinos to also offer sports gambling.

South Dakota lawmakers in favor of the constitutional amendment argued that it was time to get in on the action while opponents urged caution in expanding gambling in the state.

If voters approve the measure, the issue would go back to the legislature next year for lawmakers to set rules and regulations. The earliest the first legal sports wager would be placed in the state would likely be in July of next year.

Supporters estimate that sports betting in South Dakota would generate $2.05 million dollars in revenue and almost $185,000 in taxes every year.

States started rolling out sports betting after the U-S Supreme Court paved the way for legal wagering two years ago.

Iowa is the only state neighboring South Dakota to currently offer sports betting, but Montana seems likely to follow and the Minnesota legislature is also expected to take it up this year.

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