Trump To Attend Mount Rushmore Fireworks Show


WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) – President Donald Trump says he is planning to visit South Dakota for the return of fireworks at Mount Rushmore on July 3.

It will be the first fireworks display at the Shrine of Democracy since 2011, when the annual event was ended because of fire danger during a drought and a pine beetle infestation.

State and federal officials announced a Memorandum of Understanding last fall for bringing back fireworks, with South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem pushing hard for it – saying forest conditions and firework technology have improved significantly since 2009.

Environmentalists raised concerns about chemicals in the fireworks polluting the water in the Black Hills, and it wasn’t until Wednesday the National Park Service gave the final OK, announcing its environmental study had found no significant environmental impact would occur.

The July 3rd show could still be cancelled by coronavirus limits or if the danger of wildfire is too great at that time.