Two Chadron Unattended Deaths Ruled Natural Causes


CHADRON – Dawes County Attorney/Coroner Vance Haug says two unattended deaths in Chadron on Monday were both apparently due to natural causes.

50-year old Sybil Yellowhorse was found in her residence just off the downtown area about 8:45 Monday morning while 46-year old Anthony Vaughn was discovered unresponsive by his family about 7:40 Monday night.

In both cases, Chadron police arrived at the scene first with Haug called shortly thereafter. Haug says his review of both scenes, witness statements, medical records, and consultation with medical personnel resulted in nothing that suggested foul play.

Haug says the preliminary investigations into the deaths of Yellowhorse and Vaughn led him to concluded at this time that both died of natural causes