UNL Officials Pleased With Garth Brooks Concert At Memorial Stadium


     University of Nebraska-Lincoln officials are pleased with Saturday night’s  huge Garth Brooks concert at Memorial Stadium.

      Associate Athletic Director Matt Davidson says “we’re looking at this as a very positive win and we felt that everything went off very successfully.” 

     Beer was sold at the stadium for the first time at the stadium, but Davidson doesn’t have numbers yet on how much was sold or how much money the school made from the sales. It’s unlikely it will be sold at Husker football games anytime soon.

       Davidson, a former Husker player, says the concert resulted in no major damage to the stadium but there was more trash than after a typical football Saturday. Clean-up was still continuing yesterday.  

       The university will be having meetings with stakeholders in the coming days to discuss how the concert went and what changes, if any, should be made if other concerts are held at Memorial Stadium. 

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