UNL Suspends Fraternity After Alleged Rape And Student Protests


      The University of Nebraska – Lincoln is closing the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house and suspending operations of the fraternity, also known as FIJI, while it investigates a report of a sexual assault Monday night.

       Chancellor Ronnie Green announced the action Wednesday afternoon, less than 14 hours after hundreds of students gathered outside the Phi Gamma house to protest the alleged rape and the fraternity’s long-standing bad reputation.

      Phi Gamma was suspended from 2017 until last year, when it was allowed to reopen its house to freshmen but under probation. Chancellor Green said closing the house and suspending all chapter operations was done in part under the probation guidelines.

       Green emphasized that the university began investigating the sexual assault allegations as soon as the report came in after 4:00 Tuesday morning, adding that the school is required by federal law to investigate and address such allegations.

       He also said no one should be a victim of sexual assault or harassment with UNL taking a number of steps this year to provide extra support including mandator training on preventing and responding to sexual misconduct. 

     Student protesters began gathering outside the Phi Gamma house about 10:00 Tuesday night after all fraternity and sorority activities and gatherings on campus had been cancelled. Both UNL and Lincoln police were on hand monitoring the protest.

     Chants by the crowd called for justice and for shutting down the Phi Gamma Delta house if nothing was done. Some protesters threw eggs at the house while a few were detained for trespassing. 

       A petition to ban Phi Gamma Delta from UNL had gathered just under 80,000 signatures on change.org by Wednesday afternoon. 

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